800 Louisa Street, Mount Morris, Michigan 48458, United States


Welcome to First Baptist Church of Mt. Morris


Our Message to You!

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Mt. Morris where there is No judging! No pressure! 

· Are you looking for love, understanding and acceptance? 

· Do you want to know how the power of God can turn your life around?

· Do you need a place to worship without being judged?

· Are you searching for your purpose in life?

Here at First Baptist Church our objective isn't to change your attitude or your outlook on life. It's to love you, meet you where you are, challenge you with God's Word, introduce or reacquaint you with Him and let Him take care of the rest. 


Building Relationships Through the Word of God. No Judging! No Pressure!


Our Mission at First Baptist Church is to continually operate as a Kingdom-Driven, Christ-Centered Ministry, carrying out the Vision by educating, equipping and empowering the heart, soul and mind to overcome with biblical concepts that are both practical and life changing.