800 Louisa Street, Mount Morris, Michigan 48458, United States


Welcome to First Baptist Church of Mt. Morris

Leadership & Ministries

Senior Pastor


Teaching and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a practical and relevant manner. His messages are designed to equip, empower, encourage and enlighten the saints so that they may live better lives.

Reverend Kevin Dixson *

Women & Worship Ministries


Women's Minisrty

Imparting in the lives of women. Promoting “Kingdom Living” among the women of God through devoting our selves to prayer and careful examination of the Word of God.

Worship Ministry

Enhances the worship experience by ushering in the presence of God through song.

Lady Tonya Dixson * 

Deacon Chairman


Serves under the leadership of the Pastor, who is the overseer of the church; serves as leader of the Deacon Body; and ultimately, serves as a model in ministry to exhibit exemplary life styles, and to offer guidance and direction for many aspects of a church’s mission, purpose and priorities.

Bro. Judd Judkins *

Administrative Support


Serving the body as a whole by helping to ensure that the church runs smoothly, providing support that allows the pastor to attend to other responsibilities. Intrigual to the smooth operation of the church.

Sis. Precious Brown 



Organizing the seeds planted, serving the church by maintaining appropriate and accurate accounting records and statements for the church, working cooperatively with the senior pastor, staff and lay leadership.

Bro. Chuck Smith

Keeper of the Temple


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Holding an important role in the operation of a church. Their work provides a clean and welcoming environment for worshippers and the on-going ministry of the church. keeping the church clean and tidy between events, services, and various church activities. looking pristine and orderly at all times.

Sis. Pat Judkins

Kingdom Servants



Keeping order. Moderator is a layman elected to carry out the procedures needed at all Church Business Meetings. The Moderator fulfills a neutral role when presiding at regular and special called business meetings. While speaking for the church. 

Bro. Norm Duford

Hospitality Ministry


Serving with love & kindness by reflecting the love of Christ to all who enter our doors, expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity to share our church home and to welcome all visitors in such a way that they would be transformed from strangers into friends. 

Led by Sis. Pat Hill

Welcome Ministry


Greets and welcomes worshippers with love & kindness. Assisting with maintaining order during services.

Led by Deacon Mark Trombly

Children's Ministry


Train a child in the way they should go! Mouth of Babes children’s ministry teaches children ages 3 – 12 about Jesus in an age-appropriate Christian environment. 

Led by Sis. Betty Trombly 

Council Secretary


Transcribing with love by assisting Pastor and Coordinators in enacting the overall vision for ministry through clear and free communication of goals and achievements.

Sis. Janet Secquer

Financial Secretary


Processes the weekly tithes/offerings given and is strictly confidentiality.

Bro. Thom Rohrer

Kingdom Servants

Altar Ministry


Standing in the Gap; The charge is to saturate the house of God with prayer and continuously pray for souls.

Led by Sis. Early Collins

Dance & Drama Ministry


Gives glory and praise to God through dance

and acting allowing creative expression unto the Lord.

Led by Sis. Dorrit Madison

He-brews Holy Grounds Ministry


Cafe: Brewing Fellowship before Worship. You’re welcome just as you are. Your thoughts are welcome. Your doubts are welcome. We’re all in this together and God is here, ready to connect with you in a fresh way.

Led by Bro. Frank & Sis. Tammi Johnson

Youth Outreach


Providing a biblically sound safe space for neighborhood children and concerned with serving the local community through various outreach initiatives. 

Led by Pastor Kevin Dixson

Exercise Ministry - Coming Soon


Maintaining the physical temple. Thou Shalt Work Out... God wants us healthy, strong and to shine out His light for others to see. We should be the fittest people on the planet!

Led by Sis. Precious Brown

Sound Ministry


 To amplify sound and ensure consistent audio and video quality during worship services. The ministry also provides service during other times, including funerals.

Led by Sis. Lynn Anderson